first halloween

31 10 2009

THANK YOU for sharing your gratitude, joys, and pre-birthday celebrations.

We have had quite a day, starting quite early with some excellent chocolate glazed donuts from a local bakery and ending with some excellent champagne and late night dark chocolate brownies (er…homemade as in “not from the bakery” but baked at home from a box mix). And in between, we did some laundry, a LOT of dishes, and discovered that Ikea is a very happening place on Halloween day (who knew?? We just needed to get a teething guard for our little chipmunk’s crib. I don’t know why the rest of humanity was there. Although I did see an amazing pirate costume.). And with some help from my little brother, I bought and cooked steak for the second time in my life – delicious.

The rain seems to have kept our local trick-or-treaters home this evening. I will update with pictures of Bebe in his Yoda costume. ADORABLE. Truly.

So Happy Halloween, a joyous Samhain, and – for tomorrow – a blessed All Saints’ Day.

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Update: here’s the pic of Bebe as Yoda

halloween yoda




7 responses

2 11 2009

Must to see the Yoda!!!

2 11 2009

I’ve just updated with a pic 🙂 Love Yoda, we do

2 11 2009
the mistress


2 11 2009

Oh this is so adorable!!!!!!!!!! What a costume, I love it.
Hope you all had a wonderful holiday

2 11 2009
The Queen of the Snow Cows

My gods oh, so adorable, edward is!!! Hmm! Hmm! Hmm!

13 11 2009

This is such a nice site, I have enjoyed it! I am glad all is well!

13 11 2009

Thank you, Melissa 🙂

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