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29 10 2009

Some days are so brimful and busy that you blink and suddenly the sun has already vanished and fourteen hours are gone, poof, behind you. But we did get a few pictures. Lots of sewing, embroidery, and crafty goodness were squished into moments throughout the morning and midday.

october wip

I started a series of wool felt needle cases in the autumn theme.

autumn needle cases wip

Bebe refused to nap – several times. It starts quietly enough, with his music and blanket and curtains closed. With the rubbing of eyes and sweaty curls. But after ten minutes of quiet, someone inevitably begins talking quietly, then laughing to himself, before finally standing up and howling for mama to come and pick him up (he says, “Up! Mamaaaaa…UP! UP!!” ). If we don’t respond to that, he then starts gnawing on the crib railing like a manic chipmunk. Funny, but not good. And our nap times today invariably ended with this face.

no sleeping here

And how can anyone resist that kind of happiness? So we went to the playground and played there for almost an hour. Bebe explored the gravel (fine tuning that pincher grasp with his fingers) and the autumn leaves.

autumn leaves

We did a little climbing, standing, and supported walking.

standing at park bench

And a lot of swinging. We LOVE swinging.


There was a community bonfire this evening with candlelit pathways, chili dogs, cornbread muffins, a fortune teller, lots of whirling glowsticks, and children of all sizes in a variety of Halloween costumes. It was too dark for pictures, but my favorites were the 2-3 year olds dressed in fully body costumes as a dragon and a big fluffy dog. We kept it simple and just put a Viking hat on Bebe. The hat had been knitted for him by one of my bestest friends, who is having her wedding party this weekend.

Busy joy, exasperated joy, and very domestic joy all around today. Where did you find joy today?




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29 10 2009

The nap fairy missed our house this afternoon, too, but that big smile when I go in to get him is too precious.
I raked the front lawn while Henry sat in his bouncy seat. There is joy in completed tasks 🙂

30 10 2009
the mistress

I’m so glad the viking hat is getting so much use. =)
Also, I was in need of bebe pictures today. So cute! He’s going to be bigger than you soon.
Love him (and you, of course – it goes without saying).
Miss you!!!

30 10 2009

such an adorable baby!

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