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21 10 2009

Spread a little joy.

A finished sunflower.


A tasty recipe (aka something to do with the mini pumpkin by the front door) that also has the bonus of making really adorable treats.

Joining a swap of handmade stocking stuffers from Between Hitching Posts.

On exhausting days (when you fail repeatedly to get your child to take a nap and YOU end up passing out on the floor with the blanket while he crawls over you and eventually sits on your head) sometimes it’s better to focus on the stars rather than the ground. Keep it joyful, y’all.




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21 10 2009

This is so gorgeous. I really need to take the next step in embroidery. I love it, but I really only understand the basics.

This is so inspiring. So glad that you are doing the swap, I am really excited about it!

21 10 2009

your sunflower is very sweet.

I love the handmade stocking stuffers idea. Thanks for directing me to it.

23 10 2009

Thank you, and you’re very welcome 🙂 I found the swap from Heather’s blog at Shivaya Naturals.

22 10 2009

i was sure it was a sun but instead it’s a beautiful sunflower!!! gorgeous!

23 10 2009

thank you, suzanne 🙂

23 10 2009

lovin the blog and stories. missing you! all my love to you and bebe.

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