sweet day

20 10 2009

Bebe woke up sweet and chirpy (and EARLY) this morning and kept up cheerily all day – until about ten minutes ago when he finally passed out for the night. Long visit to the library, then the park,  and quick dash into the grocery store for some pine nuts so that we can make pesto tomorrow. Gah, our midday nap never quite settled so it was playplaychatterchatter all day. Except for about 40 minutes in the car just as we arrived home from the park. I was so thrilled he was able to rest (he desperately needed it – rubbing the eyes and hair gone all fuzzy) that we just stayed as we were – let the car stay parked, rolled down the windows to the lovely, lovely day, and propped open a book (Work Hard. Be Nice. a story of the founding of the KIPP charter schools).

And after dinner it was still so nice that we took our blanket outside and did some more playplaychatterchatter until sunset.


Bebe got to visit with lots of friendly dogs, all taking their people out for an evening romp. Mama got to work on some embroidery.

october embroidery




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20 10 2009

Sounds like a fun day. That embroidery looks like it is going to be something really neat

21 10 2009
the mistress

I realized this morning that the recent posts on your blog remind me of how much I love fall.
Miss you!

21 10 2009
the mistress

This pic should be titled “bebe’s gonna get ya!”
tee hee

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