figs & baby sewing

19 10 2009

I had to try, even if it seemed dubious, and he was right: fresh sliced figs sprinkled with good salt and a drizzle of olive oil are delicious. Add a nice frosty beer and that’s a good snack for grown-ups.

I have been reading a platter of figs and other recipes by David Tanis. Part memoir, part travelogue, completely beautiful to read – if you love food (and I do). For some of the recipes you have to be a serious foodie AND have money to burn on exotic ingredients. Like morel mushrooms, saffron, rabbit, lobster, etc. Not on our budget, nor in our local stores. Some recipes, but not all. Most only require a decent deli counter, a good produce section or farmers’ market, and a sense of adventure. I mean, Lavender Honey Ice Cream??? YUM!!! The desserts in this book are especially delightful – I’m going to try making the Italian Plum Cake sometime this week.

groovy toile

My new cutting mat has been busy this weekend. I’m sewing bunches of baby things – burp cloths, bibs, diaper bags, etc. A few for some expectant mamas in our circle and the rest for sale. So cute, I would have loved them when our Bebe was wee small. I love being able to make them now.

When I was pregnant, I had zero time for anything crafty. On the contrary, at seven months’ I was working 12-14-hour shifts at the state Emergency Operations Center and coordinating the shelter and deployment of volunteers and emergency supplies. Some nice people pushed my car out of a flooded street when I got stuck in a flash flood with a jammed door and was too big to crawl out the window. And we were without power for weeks and weeks in the heat and humidity. It’s good work, I love the field of community service and disaster relief/recovery, but I’m glad to take some time off from that kind of pace. I think that after four major natural disasters in the last four years, a little time off feels really good. Almost decadent. Life with Bebe these days is a little surreal in comparison, and very, very slow. But in each day there is just as much joy and satisfaction and different avenues for being creative.

Now time to bake that plum cake…




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19 10 2009
the mistress

I’m glad you have the opportunity to spend time with bebe and enjoy being a mama. =)

19 10 2009

thanks, m’am 🙂 really the only drawbacks are having to watch our budget very carefully, which totally sucks when we can’t come see you :(, and being the go-to person for occasional exploding diaper.

19 10 2009

I am in love with figs, but I have never tried such a simple way of eating them. Can’t wait to enjoy!

I remember having lavender/honey ice cream only once, but it was delicious. Travel.memoir books are the best. I spent most of my 20’s devouring as many as I could get.

That sounds like a very intense job that you had. I admire your energy at 7 months pregnant 🙂

19 10 2009

Yum that Honey and Lavender Ice Cream sounds delish. I’m with you on the budget thing too, it’s hard being at home with no money but I wouldn’t change it for the world :).

13 11 2009
Your Wonderful Mother-in-law

Love the photos…you seem to be having fun and doing a lot. Marie

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