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15 10 2009

Oh Mr. Postman, look and see / If there’s a letter in your bag for me…
-Marvelettes / The Beatles

It took me an hour yesterday to find the local post office. Seriously people, I’ve never been to a more obscure and practically mapless location. But then the staff were wonderfully kind and patient, and all of my packages were sent on their journeys: Halloween treats for our siblings’ kidlets; letters & pictures to many; last week’s giveaway winner in Australia; and of course my vintage swap package for the yellow door paperie.


Yesterday was one of those days – plenty of good, but just enough otherwise to make a mama frazzled. Baby with several hours of explosive diarrhea (now recovered). Washing and washing and yet the ridiculous piles of dishes and laundry never seemed to diminish. I flaked on making dinner (except for some delicious baked beans) and just bought a rotisserie chicken & pasta salad from the deli. Also my feet are still reproaching me for running around in sandals all day – one of the side effects of pregnancy was my feet outgrowing my shoes. All of my shoes. Except for sandals and a 8-yr-old pair of sneakers. Time for new shoes…

On the plenty-of-good side of things, a sale at the craft store meant that I could finally replace the cutting mat that vanished somewhere in our summer move. A smaller mat, but also affordable and a lovely shade of periwinkle. I picked up a button press to make fabric covered buttons, and spent a happy chunk of the evening figuring out how make it work. At one point, I had tops and hooks and backing flying in different directions across the room while I sat blinking, with a pair of jewelry plyers in hand, wondering what had just happened. Sometimes simple instructions elude me.




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15 10 2009
lily boot

What a busy busy day! I’m in awe that you achieved so much especially with swollen feet! 🙂 A periwinkle cutting board sounds lovely – mine is that dark yuck green – and I left it in the sun and now it has bumps in it. Perhaps Father Christmas might bring me a periwinkle one. And a button press – that sounds so cool – I will have to look it up. Here in Australia, we just have these silly packets of buttons to cover – you only get 6 buttons for $5 which makes them ridiculously expensive. I too would be baffled by the instructions – I’m hopeless at them. Wishing you a quieter day tomorrow and smaller feet soon.

15 10 2009

I hope that tomorrow is a much better day. You are certainly amazing with all that you can accomplish.

17 10 2009

Thank you for reaching out with kindness, it helped! And I got new shoes 🙂

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