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14 10 2009

Lately little birds have been flickering through my thoughts. Not these birds, not exactly, but something similar:

They are very small, bright-eyed, and curious, and if they realize you’re really looking at them, they tend to freeze or take flight. Vanish. Poof. But they always come back – and they sing to me at night, when everyone else is sleeping. And during the day, when baby is napping. Not exactly little birds, but kindred – little crafty dreams, maybe my own Etsy shop.

It would be my Next Brave Thing.

If you read this, and you sell your own creations, I would love to hear how that works for you.




3 responses

14 10 2009

It looks really nice =) I wish I could be creative enough to make stuff.


15 10 2009

I love those birds! With a shop, as long as you have the desire, everything else will come into play.

15 10 2009

follow your inspiration and your dreams 🙂

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