ordinary, everyday

12 10 2009

It’s been a grey, cold Monday. No pictures today, as we’ve remained mostly bundled in the scruffy warmth of sweatshirts, fleeces, flannel pajama pants, and handmade socks. Bebe has been laughing through his nose all day – very strange – but seems to be recovered from last nights gastrointestinal mess. So today the last day of a lovely long weekend, and in between bouts of weekend cleanup, we’re focusing on small, comfy things. Eating leftover apple spice cake from yesterday. Watching the latest batch of videos from Netflix. Practicing juggling for Bebe’s amusement (he loves it most when the tennis balls fall and go rolling away). Very ordinary, very everyday, and good.

Tomorrow we have more mundane tasks, like an oil change and taking packages to the post office. Giveaway winner to announce tomorrow, too, which is less mundane and more joyful. Spread the crafty love!




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