let the sun shine

10 10 2009

On a wet and chilly day, what could be better than bright flowers?

fall bouquet

These mums look like a cluster of tiny, happy suns exploding with color on a grey, grey day. And now a lovely addition to our table. 🙂 We ventured to the farmer’s market in Fredericksburg this morning. Oh, TOO LATE for the delicious mountains of bread. But we came home with some lovely finds:

farmers market finds

Lots of surprises and beautiful colors here: late peaches, sweet figs, pattypan squash, purple & yellow-green bell peppers, and white eggplant.

We also explored a stretch of historic downtown, which is chock-full of stores selling vintage goodness, until the naptime and the weather finally drove us back to the warmth and shelter of home. We threw together an amazing living-room-floor picnic lunch/feast, inspired by:
a picnic: peppercorn turkey sandwiches with spinach, tomatoes, pickles, etc.)
the weather: hot tomato soup with cannelini beans, fresh thyme and rosemary, onions, mushrooms, a bit of ham, and a splash of balsamic vinegar
some random snacks on hand: white wine, smoked oysters, cheese, and slices of sweet satsuma oranges
and our farmer’s market finds: sliced figs with vanilla yogurt
Oy! Delicious…

I also had a fun sewing project today with some thrifted material.

coaster set for m

A set of four coasters for my partner in the vintage swap, inspired by the pattern in
Bend-the-rules Sewing
by Amy Karol (aka angry chicken). I loved combining the dark and bright fabrics, they reminded me of the song, “Blue Skies” by Irving Berlin, which had me humming and singing the whole time. My swap package is going out on Tuesday, I can’t wait to share pictures! This is my first swap and I am ridiculously excited about it.




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16 10 2009
Chris Worthy

So lovely!

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