chase me, find me

8 10 2009

Lately we have been chasing after this one almost constantly. (See? I finally finished the buttonholes.)

this one

And when he is not busy trying to climb into the bathtub, or wedging himself behind a door to play with the coil doorstop, or perusing the cookbooks,


this one is also gnawing on tables, railing, legs, shoulders, and other improbable things. So far we have one new tooth (for a total of seven) and three more teeth pushing up. Good times.

During naptime today, I made some progress on two very-overdue baby quilts

2 quilts

Ok, so very little progress. But I was trying out french seams for the first time, and that took me a while. Am almost finished with a very cute baby cardigan that’s been sitting in my knitting bowl for far too long.


It’s the Baby Sophisticate pattern by Linden Heflin. I started it in August and haven’t touched it again until now. Cool evenings are a good incentive.

Ah, there’s baby again. Ja mata ne (see you later).




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9 10 2009

I remember that age well, all that chasing around can make for a challenge with the sewing or knitting. His overalls looks wonderful!

10 10 2009

Hey, your day sounds just like mine! Might have something to do with having a 14 month old

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