a is for alpaca

5 10 2009

We had a beautiful day at the Virginia Fall Fiber Festival. Our Bebe thought that the llamas were a bit too big, and the many sheep were a bit too loud,

sheep are very loud

the angora bunnies were a bit too fluffy, the cashmere goats stayed a bit too far away, but the alpacas were just right.

a is for alpaca

Oh my, he had fun with the alpacas. We stayed at least 20 minutes at one of the animal exhibit tents, with Bebe burbling happily to three alpacas (ridiculously cute) and a couple of their larger llama cousins.

Beautiful yarn did not come home with me, and although my husband (also ridiculously cute) thought about getting bunnies (!!) and a spinning wheel (?!!) we decided it was not the time. Not having money helps with these kinds of decisions, ne? But we left with a beautiful autumn day, two wooden shawl pins, and my first non-microwave batch of kettle corn.

Holy twisted fiber, Batman, where has fresh kettle corn been all my life? Delicious!




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5 10 2009

The animals have always been such a joy for the kiddos ast various fiber festivals. I think that it is so wonderful to see how many festivals there are around the country this time of year, and how many people get out and enjoy them. So glad that your little one had a great time.

6 10 2009

Way to start him young on quality fibers from adorable animals. I heart alpacas!

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