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3 10 2009

Our harvest from the apple orchard continues to delight our table.

apple spinach salad

So far we’ve snacked on lots of apple-spinach salad, breakfast risotto with apples, apple butter on toast, baked chicken stuffed with apples, teriyaki turkey roast with apples and ginger, etc.

But we’ll have to go back to the orchard soon – our less-than-full bag is nearly empty and there are still so many recipes to try:
apple dumpling
apple pancakes
fresh apple cake
apple zucchini crostini
chai-spiced apple oatmeal bread
apple yogurt cake
baked oatmeal with apples
apple tart cake
and of course, my winter-annual creamy soup of apple & butternut squash. yummm…

Meanwhile, we are still trying (and happily devouring) variations of the DELICIOUS CAKE recipe that I told you about earlier.

It helps if you let the fruit sit for a few minutes in a bit of lemon juice and a wee sprinkle of sugar. Seems to make the sweet juiciness of the fruit really saturate the cake. 

And make it with pluots? Sooo tasty.

delicious cake 5




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4 10 2009

Looking forward to trying the delicious cake at Thanksgiving!

5 10 2009

I am sooo excited about Thanksgiving this year – it’s going to be an amazing feast 🙂

4 10 2009

Thank you for linking to these great recipes! Oh, how I wish I lived closer to an apple orchard!

5 10 2009

Hi Samantha, you’re very welcome for the apple recipes 🙂 Let me know if you try any of them, I’d love to hear how they work for you.

5 10 2009
Linda Kristin


Just found your blog by way of ravelry. I am about to make the Pebble Manly Vest for my son, and am a bit uncertain about how to adjust the pattern to get a bigger size. (My son is nearly 8 onths, but would like it to last him a while.) Your vest looks like the perfect size (both vest and baby are adorable!!). How did you adjust the pattern? Did you go for bulkier yarn or did you cast on more stitches? Thanks a lot!! Amazing blog by the way!


5 10 2009

Hi Linda, thanks so much for visiting! Your question also reminded me to post my mods for the project on Ravelry. Here you go:

Yarn: worsted
Needles: US 9
Size: 12-18mth
CO 100, add 10 extra rows to body (59 instead of 49)
distributed rows 9pm37pm10pm37pm9
buttonholes rows 15, 27, 39, 51

Hope that is helpful for you!

5 10 2009
the mistress


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