1 10 2009

Welcome to Blogtoberfest. No pictures today – we think I bumbled into a batch of poison oak (because I can’t imagine missing a patch of poison ivy) and I am currently covered in splotches of calamine lotion. Not pretty.

Ahem – and here’s Day 1 for Blogtoberfest: hi.

I am
clearly nomadic, but only a teensy bit bitter about never getting to live in Hawaii (although I am a medium-sized Hawaiian girl with a sometimes-Southern accent)

I love
chocolate anything, really, at almost any hour

I do
accept gifts of chocolate, or music, or yarn, or fabric, or postcards, or whatever 🙂

I go
to the bookstore at least once a week, compulsively, and with great glee

I play
guitar (badly), and Wii (ditto), and boardgames (Monopoly, anyone?)

I believe
in the value & rippling goodness of community service & volunteering

I say
Live what you love, and the rest will follow.




3 responses

1 10 2009
the mistress

You forgot to mention your beautiful singing voice. =)

2 10 2009

the last few days this line from emily dickinson keeps coming to me in so many different forms…

The last line in your post rings true for me…and that is a take of another great quote from the Roycrofters “create great people and the rest follows”.

3 10 2009

I am also bitter about never getting to live in Hawaii. Never say never 🙂

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