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24 09 2009

As predicted, rampaging mobility has arrived.

By this time last week, Bebe could inch across a room to tug on our legs and asked to be picked up.  Supercute.

Now he’s zipping out of the room and into another, usually to pull books from the lowest shelves and fling them about – opening and slapping the hardcover cookbooks until someone notices and comes to read them to him.

And the kitchen is a big favorite – so many cupboards to pillage & drawers to plunder. He slides plastic containers across the floor like impromptu air hockey pucks; climbs up onto the open door of the dishwasher while we’re loading or unloading dishes, howling like a spider monkey (that’s his new vocalization this week, so charming, ne? I’m sure the neighbors are thrilled).

We have practiced a lot of standing and walking and oh my, he loves that. It makes him ridiculously tall.


Our not-so-little-when-standing marauder loves being able to play with third level of drawer handles in dada’s dresser; loves being able to stand on our feet while we walk him around; loves being able to lean on his elbows against mama’s knees while she’s sitting and chatter to her – and drool copiously, still teething.

We laugh, even when he eats my Aston Hat knitting pattern or the tofu recipe book. Becausing he’s learning, growing, exploring – as babies are supposed to do (Does it taste good? What happens when I shake it really fast like this? What is that sound when I tear off little pieces like this? What does it feel like in my fist, my tongue, my teeth?). This Mr. Destructo phase is a liminal time: to be laughed through, endured, and cherished for what it is.

And no, you cannot claim “destroyed by baby” for your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance.




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24 09 2009

They move fast don’t they? With my first child, I could not wait for him to walk (which he did at 9 months). Then I was so exhausted from chasing him around all day, that with the second, I carried him on my back until he was 15 months old 🙂

24 09 2009

Love the comparison to a marauder–pillaging and plundering indeed 🙂 I’m excited for that stage, but also cautious. I don’t get enough chances to rest as it is.

25 09 2009
the mistress

He’s such a handsome little man. Thanks for sharing. I have vivid images of said bebe destroying said kitchen to laugh at for the rest of the day. =)

26 09 2009

i miss the ravaging of kitchen spaces!

30 09 2009

aww he is so cute!
yes, little tornadoes hehe! : )

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