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18 09 2009

Get your domestic on, my friends.


Another baby knit hits the Finished List this week. We present you with the Pebble Vest, which still needs two more buttons attached and some ends woven in. Months and months ago, I saw the pattern on another baby and thought, I have to make that… but I don’t knit…. And here we are. Honestly, so far I’ve just copied all of her baby knits because they are ridiculously cute. Soulemama was my daily dollop of joy & inspiration during several years of stress & craziness.

pebble vest

As you can see from his expression, Bebe remains dubious of my knitlove. The design is perfect for us – buttons along one side and one shoulder mean the vest doesn’t pull over this head (which often provokes Howling Outrage). Less than one soft skein of Malabrigo worsted in a very easy (and free) pattern. It took so long to finish because I had to learn how to seam and graft. Very wonky grafting on the right shoulder, but thank goodness the yummy green color makes the mistakes less obvious. Adjusted the pattern size for 18-24m since Bebe is growing like a beanstalk.

Craft: knitting
Pattern: Pebble (Henry’s Manly Cobblestone-Inspired Baby Vest) by Nikol Lohr
Yarn: Malabrigo Yarn Merino Worsted (Sapphire Green)

More fun? My first craft swap. Heather of Shivaya Naturals is hosting a Vintage Swap. Sign-up runs through Sept 26th. Before we moved this summer, I acquired a whole craft room at an estate sale. Stunningly thrifty – the family didn’t want to keep or deal with anything, so we bought an antique sewing table & machine, drawers-and-bags full of sewing supplies, notions, books, fabric, and knitting things. I’m still sorting through everything, but just look at this sweet basket:

vintage sewing basket

Love it!

My current incarnation of happiness would probably be deeply incomprehensible to my earlier teenage or even twenty-something self. She could sort-of cook, had zero interest in most crafts, was nervous around babies & small children, loved working, and was militantly outraged when someone suggested she might want to be a full-time mom someday. She had other ambitions and defended them fiercely. Ah, me. But she would appreciate the peace and happiness of life these days – those are always qualities to cherish.

We’re off to the apple orchards tomorrow – looking forward to apple crumbles, more delicious cake (with apples instead of plums), and apple baby puree. Hope you also have a lovely weekend.




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18 09 2009
The Queen of the Snow Cows

Can I have him PLEASE?!?! With the gorgeous green sweater? E has the greatst expressions ever! LOL!

And now I feel the guilt of not yet finishing the baby blanket for Julia. Woman, you are truly inspiring.

18 09 2009

Guilt-shmilt, it only seems productive because you see the finished products and not The List. I have FIVE SIX baby quilts in the pipeline that are all Very Late: 5 years (x1), 3 years (x3), 1 month (x1), and 1 week (x1). Yah! That looks even worse when I write it down…

21 09 2009

That is a beautiful vest! I have no idea why, but the thought never crossed my mind to knit one for my boys when they were super small. That is one adorable kiddo that you have.

Wow, I can relate to the not being able to quite recognize this version of myself with the younger one. I agree though, I think that while she may be surprised, she would still be happy for the peace that life has brought.

So glad to have you join the swap.

21 09 2009

Thank you, Heather 🙂

21 09 2009
Deadlines? Nertz to that! « Mental Dustbunnies

[…] things include the Tulips baby sweater kit that I bought EONS ago. Remember it? And Perches made an absolutely darling baby vest that I must also make. However I have a feeling I want to make it because the bebe is just gorgeous […]

22 09 2009

ah my sister… to say that i am proud of you is a vast understatement. i remember watching you lovingly (and painfully) making the hour long salad, and processed food in a bag. i always thought i was a great cook (and i am! 🙂 ), but you make some unbelievable and gorgeous food. and i’m glad that surrounding you in nieces and nephew, showed you what being a mom could be like. i await the adventures that he will bring to ya’lls table, and the tales that will follow. i am still in awe that not but a few months ago i laughed while teaching you to cast, and now you create the most amazing things! woohoo! when we meet again our creations will merge. yarn vs fabric! i welcome color combinations or ideas from you end, as my nephew is very deserving of being a part of my creative process! love you.

24 09 2009

I adore the second photo of your bambino in the sweater. I’m making one also, but I think I like your yarn better 🙂

25 09 2009
the mistress

So proud of you gettin’ yur knit on and stuff. Seriously though, it’s a beautiful vest.

26 09 2009

Thank you, mistress 🙂

25 09 2009
Beverly Porche

What a beautiful journal. I hope you didn’t mind Julianna sharing with me. I was wondering why the word “perches”, but I read why. But I bet you didn’t know “perch” is a name/nick-name your father in law calls his brothers – both of them – and I never understood why. You will have to ask him. As for the sewing basket – I have one just like it – and I also have the package of needles! Enjoyed seeing the pictures of the baby – last time I saw him was on the birth announcement. He is darling – handsome I should say. It sounds like you are thoroughly enjoying living “up north”. Take care. Love, your Aunt Beverly

26 09 2009

Hi Aunt Beverly! Thank you for stopping by, we’re so glad you’ve gotten to see our pictures 🙂

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