cake + 2 shawls

17 09 2009

Oh geez, our favorite farmstand has closed for the season. The days are cooling, the nights are chilly, and the summer harvest season is over around here. It’s a good thing the fall farm tours are coming up in a couple weeks. Pumpkin patches and a hayride, whew!

Grocery store fruit and tomatoes are not bad (just not quite as good), and the store offers more variety than we’ve had lately. Example: last week I picked up a dozen prune plums, some black plums, and four pluots. The black plums were for lunches, the pluots for baby puree, and the prune plums – they were for DELICIOUS CAKE.

I don’t have pictures, because we ate half the cake for dinner last night (yes, dinner was fresh hot cake + frosty cold milk) and the rest for breakfast this morning. It was the easiest cake ever recipe from not derby pie. I heart that recipe, I do. I am not much of a baker, although I often daydream of lovely patisseries. Neither am I into mixing things by hand. That is why blenders, hand mixers, and my KitchenAid were invented. We loves them, precious.

But for this recipe – this truly easy recipe – I mixed by hand, I baked, and an hour later we had DELICIOUS CAKE with thinly sliced wedges of prune plum baked right inside – and a fancy swirl of them on the bottom. If you try the recipe, keep an eye on your timer & check the cake around 40-minutes. We should’ve taken it out at 45-minutes and let it finish the last 15 on the counter – the edges were a teensy bit dry, our oven clearly runs a bit hot.

And another recipe I love:

textured shawl - close

I finally finished the lovely textured shawl recipe shawl, and blocked it (!!) along with the wonky simple shawl which was my first-ever knitting project.

textured shawl - after


This was the first time I’ve blocked a knitting project. I was afraid of accidentally ruining something that I’d spent hours (and days and weeks) working on, but I used Victorian Lace Today by Jane Sowerby to figure it out. The back of the book has a reference section that is chock-full of helpful diagrams, and there are very easy instructions for blocking shawls of every shape.

textured shawl - blocking

Now on to finish some baby knits and winter things…

Craft: knitting
Pattern: textured shawl recipe by Orlane
Yarn: Malabrigo Yarn Silky Merino (Helechos 471)

Pattern: Simple Yet Effective Shawl by Laura Chau
Yarn: Noro Kureyon Sock (236)




5 responses

17 09 2009

and to think, just before you left i was teaching you to cast….AMAZING!

18 09 2009

Oh, I just finished my textured shawl a few weeks back, and I loved it. All of these shawls are just beautiful.

Cake for dinner? You are a girl after my own heart 🙂

18 09 2009

Thank you 🙂

18 09 2009

Beautiful shawls! I think I have the shawl knitting bug. There’s a pattern in the latest issue of Knitty that has me itching to knit!

24 09 2009

those shawls are gorgeous!

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