14 09 2009

We attended an infant baptism & family celebration this weekend.


The ceremony, held at a very old church in the Georgetown area of Washington, DC. It was the first time I’ve ever attended an Episcopal mass, quite lovely.


The church was beautiful, built in 1796 and restored several times. Several people told me (and the website confirms) that the church is noted for historic members like US President Thomas Jefferson. I love the simplicity of the architecture – straight lines, arches, multi-level, stained glass windows set off by white paint and whitewashed bricks, natural wood tones, and open spaces filled with natural light.


There was a meditation chapel in the basement level that I didn’t photograph, as it was in use by a 3rd-year seminary student. The area was too serene and private for photographs. Nearby I did get a pic of the skylights that flooded the hall with late morning sunlight.


And then there was the choir, a capella. Wonderful harmonies and dynamics, great accoustics. I perched in the back pew, happy as honeybee in a field of clover, until it was time to leave for the family party.

Sweet baby! One of the best smiles I’ve ever seen, even with no teeth. We had such a beautiful day. I hope your weekend was beautiful, too.




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