14 09 2009

As I’ve mentioned earlier, our Bebe used to roll everywhere. Flip, flip, flip, pause to look around and adjust direction, flip, flip, flip.

And then he discovered backwards crawling, which was also very funny. Lunge forward, crawl backward with hands pushing and legs confused until we’re sitting upright again.

And today, at last, we have crawling. Forward.

He definitely will not perform on cue. If prompted he just tilts his head to the side, touching ear to shoulder, and smiles with all six teeth – and crawls backward. So for now it only works when he is particularly focused on something that’s kept out of reach. Like daddy’s books, or computer cables, or mama with her camera.

And did I mention standing? Assisted toddling? Yep, almost there too.

It’s all slightly terrifying (rampaging mobility cannot be far behind), but mostly delightful.




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14 09 2009

Yay, Edward!!! I’ll warn Seamus that he’s now mobile. 🙂

16 09 2009

He might like it, Edward might be able to chase him around the sofa 🙂

16 09 2009
Melissa Sebastien

What a beautiful baby! Thank you for sharing! Adele and David found out they are going to have a boy! What fun! He is due in February!

16 09 2009

Congratulations!! That’s wonderful news 😀

16 09 2009

He is absolutely beautiful! Congratulations!

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