10 09 2009

Here’s a glimpse of things to come.


With our weather cooling toward autumn and our Bebe going through another growth spurt, I have been thinking about making clothes. Two problems here. I don’t make clothes, and I often have a lag between creative thinking and actual doing.

So imagine how excited I am by this project:

overalls-front detail

This is probably the second piece of clothing I’ve ever made. The first being a well-intentioned pair of pants when Bebe was about five months old. No pattern, just outlining another pair he wore often. Cute, mostly because the fabric was supercute and full of hedgehogs, but clearly showed me that I needed to contemplate a pattern.

overalls-back detail

I already had a stockpile of adorable bits from Superbuzzy, courtesy of an April-May resolution to make a bunch of summer pants for Bebe (inspiration from Soulemama). Then a quick trip to Joanne’s with baby on my back, and we came home with some great patterns (on sale for Labor Day Weekend!) and a few yards of heavier-weight fabrics.

overalls-cuffs detail

I’ve never used a pattern before, so that was a bit tricky. But this pattern (Burda Easy #9652), one Dr. Pepper, and several hours later, voila! We have a new outfit.

overalls-almost done

Not quite finished – I am still looking for the walking foot for my sewing machine so that I can make the button holes. But so close! And it fits! I love it!

Pattern: Burda EASY #9652 – Option B, size 18 M (Joanne’s)
Embroidery: me (my brain)
Fabric: Cotton corduroy (Joanne’s)
Shoulder buttons: (Joanne’s)
Bird Button: “Birdseed – blue” (Superbuzzy)
Trim: Trefle’ bias tape (Superbuzzy)
Embroidery floss: santa mom? (christmas stocking)




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