Recap 4: late August adventures

3 09 2009

Loving this time off to be a mama.


Just Mama. It’s amazing that he can say that now intentionally. Makes a sunrise light up my heart. We’re working on Papapa or Dadada, too. And more teeth. Did I mention six teeth? And buckets of drool? Yep, got all that.

And I’m also grateful that there’s time for crafty joy again. Several years of work-like-a-maniac-to-the-exclusion-of-almost-everything-else rarely left time or energy for crafty projects – especially for completing projects.

bee embroidery

While unpacking, I found an unfinished baby blanket for a sweet one who is now three. Yikes! Argh! So I’m tidying up with a little monogram patch and perhaps it will be a little something for her dolls.




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3 09 2009

He is just GORGEOUS. Carry on… 😉

4 09 2009

i love this picture! I miss you guys! hey call me my phone lived its last so i dont have your number anymore! Arg!

10 09 2009
Auntie Marvid

Beautiful baby and I loved all the pics.

10 09 2009


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