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19 08 2009

I resisted and disdained knitting. It always brought to mind itchy clothing and awkward, ill-fitted sweaters that you had to wear because Someone Special made them. For you. I appreciated the care, but I had no sense of the time or skill required. And it boggled my mind how people seemed to lack a sense of how things should feel good and look good in addition to being functional.

When my friends all started knitting, I was skeptical. I thought, Eh? Really? Really? But they made pretty things. I enjoyed hearing about their projects and seeing the finished pieces, still with no desire to do it myself. To contribute to the fiber craftiness, I learned to embroider and quilt. It was fiddly and made me happy. I still love it.

Then my friends started going to the annual Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival for our annual get-together. My first year at MS&W I looked for embroidery floss (found none), enjoyed meeting alpacas and funky sheep, and ate lambburgers. I watched my friends duck into the Ravelry meet-up and come out glowing and excited. And I still didn’t get it, knitting wasn’t for me.

Then along comes E a few months later, and he rocks my world in so many ways. I think having (an amazing) bebe warped my brain chemistry and unleashed some zany characters, including the Compulsive Knitter.

edgewater pixie wip

I have a ridiculous collection of needles, yarn, projects, and books, and they multiply like dustbunnies. Ravelry is like cruising through one of the best bookstores ever (and my most favorite places are generally bookstores). I’ve started hunting for LYS wherever I go, and they are everywhere. The other day, my love said, “Wow, you’ve really taken to this knitting thing…” and he scrupulously avoids contemplating my yarn stash. It’s a little overwhelming for both of us.


But I love working on projects, learning something new. Baby knits are a joy because you can make clothes without having to make a huge committment of yarn & time and possibly wail over the funky results. Right now the errors are small and easy to fix. And with autumn then winter coming soon, it’s amazing to be able to bundle E up in something I’ve made for him. Something cute and soft and not itchy or fugly. Something he likes to touch. Maybe he’ll be a better knit-lover than I was, we’ll see.




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19 08 2009

Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.


BTW – Here are some online resources I love to use when I travel for work and want to find a nearby LYS.

3 09 2009

OMG!!! You are doing so well. What lovely pieces. I’m so proud of you.

3 09 2009

Thanks 😀 Maybe I’ll have something to actually wear to MS&W next year 🙂 Little man definitely will!

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