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10 08 2009

Ah, young parenthood. There’s nothing quite like having a baby spit up on your face to really wake you up in the morning. Sleepy play jolts into full-time wakefulness as you dodge to catch the rest of the mess on a burp cloth instead of some body part.

A fun weekend, full of exploring, as you can see. We met up with some friends at the National Mall, and the babies enjoyed playing at the Young Inventors Under 5 area in the Smithsonian Museum of American History. I think my favorite was an exhibition of Julia Child’s Kitchen, which was donated from her Cambridge, MA home and shipped to the museum. You can peer into the room from almost every angle, and the external area was chock-full of delightful trivia and artifacts. My friend was delighted by a giant enlargement of a page from her wine cellar catalogue. I gurgled over a photograph of her and Leah Chase, chef and owner of the amazing Dooky Chase restaurant in New Orleans. Excuse me while I have a foodie geekout because I am three degrees of separation from Julia Child, ya!!

Ahem, back to the kitchen. There are viewing nooks in various spaces so that you can view Julia Child’s kitchen from almost every angle. My love & I agreed that her kitchen is exactly the kind of room we’re dreaming of for Our House, which is still a year or two a way. Huge, central, tons of storage for our horde of dishes and gadgets, tons of counter space for two cooks to work without having to bump elbows and growl at each other, floorspace for the kitchen table + chairs + small ones or guests moving about. No formal dining room – that would be converted to a library for our other horde, books.

Meanwhile, back in apartment land, we are still unpacking, slowling clearing floorspace and sorting out additional things to go into storage. E is still delighted with rolling around small towers of cardboard. He doesn’t crawl yet, just rolls from place to place like a small chortling turtle. With three different living spaces over the past three years and at least one more to come, I think any earliest-memories he retains will probably feature at least a couple cardboard boxes stacked somewhere in the background. But we’re almost done. Things are starting to be hung on the wall.

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