glorious fruit

4 08 2009


The picture doesn’t capture how lovely, lovely, lovely this fruit really was. Vibrant colors, amazing scents, so sweet & juicy. We went exploring on Saturday and found Snead’s Farm. Their website says, “Be a localvore! Think globally, eat locally. “And we will definitely be back every week. It’s a new addition to our Favorite Local Places list (given we haven’t lived here very long, this is still a very short list). I’ve gathered some great peach tart recipes, but I have to back for more fruit since the peaches (and raspberries and blackberries) were promptly devoured. Peach tart updates next week, maybe?

In the meantime, here is one of the delicious dinner salads we’ve been garnishing with berries (here you see the last of the ginourmous & juicy blackberries).

salad w/blackberries from snead's farm

Making progress with the textured shawl (pattern by Orlane on Ravelry). I love, love, love Malabrigo Yarn. The color, sheen, and feel of the yarn makes me so happy. I’m working with the Silky Merino in Helechos colorway, which reminds me of looking up at a thick, sun-dappled forest canopy. Not sure if it’s the right color for this pattern, right now it’s kind of camo-ish. I’m sure I’ll love it anyway. I’m also looking at hat patterns, warm things to make for the cold months ahead.




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