sprouting waterlilies

21 07 2009

E’s first tooth is sprouting. Yesterday we started feeling the edge of it when he gnawed on a finger or elbow or bit of jawline (he has been gnawing on almost all things a lot). I have had nothing to do with his accomplishment, really, and yet I am so proud and so thrilled.

Also finished my first shawl yesterday. !!! Something that has happened over the past few months is learning to knit (thank you to my friend crocheting commuter & the MS&W festival for inspiration). I picked up the Simple Yet Effective Shawl pattern in April, twiddled and frogged futiley for a month, and then a friend helped me really get started in May. Learning how to do yarn overs – and how not to do them – was critical. Getting into the rhythim of knitting & purling was a joy, even if I am very, very slow. I think other people usually get this done in a couple days. The Noro Kureyon Sock yarn was fun to work with, the colors of this skein reminded me of Monet’s water lilies series, very soothing.

Two simple things have made me giddy with happiness. I want to dance around and show them to random people, “Look, it’s tooth! Look, it’s a shawl!” I don’t know my neighbors yet, so here you go. Look!




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