right now

18 12 2008

Right Now, I am:

feeling… like the floating female giant from Neil Gaiman’s MirrorMask

enjoying… balmy weather and the UglyDucks paddling around the lake. Today was actually warm enough to wear a t-shirt and sandals

wondering… whether I’ll actually finish my list of holiday crafting before bebe arrives – every time I finish a project, two or three more pop up in my imagination like blazing red amaryllis flowers

listening… to “Sweet Thing” by Van Morrison, over and over, because it’s so lovely

drinking… giant glasses of water or papaya juice

wanting… a respite from these occassional contractions, then a deep dive into the real thing

looking… forward to trying a peppermint bark recipe from bread and honey

loving… the thought that in less than a week, we’ll be snuggling the bebe in our arms

Meme from a SouleMama archive (October 2008)




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